More support. More value.

Insurance is only one of many risk management tools we offer, alongside a host of services. All customized and delivered with the same transparency and objectivity that sets us apart from the rest.

Claims Advocacy & Support

Our lawyers and claims professionals offer comprehensive support, including reporting and tracking claims, coverage advice, and overseeing carriers and counsels to keep you informed and well-represented as we work towards a positive resolution.

Contract Reviews

Share your contracts and lease agreements before signing, and we’ll provide informed suggestions on indemnification and insurance language.

Claims Analysis

By reviewing your claims history, we’ll give you loss trend insights and valuable information on how to best structure your insurance program in the future.

Loss Prevention Services

Leveraging our insurers and loss control partners, we’ll connect you with expert advice and services to help you reduce claims and injuries.

Cybersecurity Services and eRiskHub

Gain access to eRiskHub, a valuable resource to enhance your cybersecurity readiness, including a team of cybersecurity specialists, pre-breach services, and coordination of tabletop exercises. We also provide an actionable report to ensure you are best positioned before your renewal.

Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions

We guide you through the design and implementation of solutions, such as captives, risk retention groups, and other innovative risk financing methods, while considering cost-effectiveness, risk appetite, regulatory compliance, and long-term sustainability.

Risk and Insurance Benchmarking 

We’ll provide you with peer benchmarking data analyzing how you compare on limits, deductibles and claims.

Global Risk Management

For your international operations, we’re experts in navigating the complexities of insurance worldwide.

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence

Thoroughly analyzing the target company’s insurance policies and exposures, we’ll identify gaps in coverage and evaluate their risk management practices, ensuring you have the insights needed to make informed decisions before proceeding with the transaction.

Premium and Claims Cost Allocation Modeling

Aligned with your objectives, we’ll help you determine the most accurate and equitable approach for allocating insurance costs within your organization.

Captive Insurance Management

Providing comprehensive support for captive-backed insurance programs, including implementation, management, performance monitoring, actuarial report analysis and feasibility studies, financial tracking, and regulatory compliance in collaboration with the captive manager.

Certificates of Insurance Handling

Receive certificates of insurance and auto insurance cards within 24 hours of your request. We work closely with you, your vendors, and your suppliers. Plus, we ensure your customer and independent contractor certificates of insurance comply with your contractual insurance requirements.

Premium Audit Support

We’ll collaborate with your insurer’s auditors, ensure seamless communication, and address any issues or concerns.