COVID-19, Workers’ Compensation and the New Reality for Continuing Care Communities

Sep 23, 2020

By: The Altus Team

The past year has been difficult for many businesses, especially continuing care retirement communities. They’re staffed with essential workers coming into contact with elderly residents every single day. They’re trying to stay compliant with state-mandated staffing requirements. And on top of it all, they’re caught between the twin realities of rising insurance premiums and monstrous unplanned costs for safety precautions and infrastructure.

As we collectively re-emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, putting the right measures in place to facilitate a safe work environment can reduce the spread of the virus while also protecting organizations when it comes to costly workers’ compensation claims. From instating wellness checks to adjusting staffing levels, you can help to mitigate the risk of infection and instill confidence in your employees and residents.

In her article “COVID-19 workers’ compensation considerations for long-term care facilities,” Emily Windle, Senior Analyst at Altus Corporate Risk, gives continuing care facilities and risk managers some advice for moving through the pandemic with safety and security.