Why a Fee-Based Model?

Because better risk management shouldn’t come at a premium.

As the only 100% commission-free corporate broker in America, we’re uniquely able to serve each client’s best interests. Creatively seek out the right solutions and coverages. Negotiate the best terms and premiums. And provide services that go beyond insurance alone.

The proof is in the savings.
Not only does our fee-based approach assure that your brokerage expenses are always transparent, but it has been proven to help Altus clients better manage their risk and save millions in insurance expenses every year.

How We Arrive at a Fee

Your fee is not a reduced commission. And we don’t base your fee on your current insurance spend. Instead, we focus on a select number of criteria more relevant to your business, such as:

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What’s your industry?

How many employees do you have?

Where do you operate?

Have you had any claims in the past three years?

Using a proprietary formula, we apply this learning to create a fee structure precisely fitted to the characteristics of your business.

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